Russian Federation

SHE monitors the implementation of school health promotion in our member countries. This country-specific report summarizes the results of the SHE monitoring survey in the Russian Federation. The survey was conducted in September 2020.

Monitoring report 2020

Vladislav Kuchma

National coordinator

  • Name: 
    Vladislav Kuchma
  • Position: 
    (1) DMSc, professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, supervisor; (2) Head of Hygiene of Children and Adolescents Department
  • Organisation: 
    Institute for Complex Hygiene Problems of F.F. Erisman of the Federal Service for supervision in Protection of the Rights of Consumer and Man Wellbing
  • Address: 
    2, Semashko str. urban settlement Mytishchi, Moscow region, 1 Russian Federation 41014
  • Tel: 
    00 7 985 761 02 76 (stationary)
    7 985 761 02 76 (mobile)