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Here you can find publications written by or related to the work of the SHE Research Group to stimulate and contribute to evidence on school-based health promotion & education.

Multilevel population-based cross-sectional study examining school substance-misuse policy and the use of cannabis, mephedrone and novel psychoactive substances among students aged 11–16 years in schools in Wales

The study showed no effect on the level of drug use among students if they were involved in policy development at their school. The paper by Luke S Midgley, Simon Murphy, Graham Moore, Gillian Hewitt and James White concludes that there are needs for further contextual understanding around the policy-development process and how schools manage drug misuse.

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Schools for Health and Sustainability: Theory, research and Practice

Schools for Health and Sustainability: Theory, research and Practice, edited by Patricia Mannix McNamara and Venka Simovska. Springer 2015

Health Promotion International

In the journal: Health Promotion International you will find many articles written og edited by memebers of the SHE Research Group

Health Education (Emerald Journal)

Health Education (Emerald Journal) has several special issues about health promotion in schools over the years