February 5, 2019

New research steering group

In the renewing process of the SHE and the SHE research group, a new steering group (formerly referred to as a core group) has been formed. It consists of seven persons: In addition to chairs Marjorita Sormunen and Kevin Dadaczynski, it includes Venka Simovska, Teresa Vilaca, Emily Darlington, Karina Leksy, and Simon Murphy. Following the period of the chairs of the research group, the period of involvement in the new steering group will be three years. The steering group coordinates and facilitates the work of the research group in collaboration with SHE secretariat and the SHE Board.

January 11, 2019

1st letter from the chair of the SHE research group

Dear Members of the SHE Research group

This is the first ‘official’ letter from us to you all since our chair positions started at the beginning of 2019. From now on, we will post our news in the SHE bi-monthly newsletters, so if you have not signed up to receive a newsletter, please do so here. In addition to newsletters, we will contact you via email to communicate on internal RG issues if needed, mostly because of specific notifications or tasks. You will find also RG information and news on the SHE website.

The main task of the chair is to create and sustain a research community with meaningful activities, collaboration opportunities, and initiatives, and to coordinate corresponding activities of the SHE RG. Even though Marjorita as the chair has a primary responsibility to keep things running, we have not defined separated tasks or responsibilities between the chair and the co-chair. All things that need to be done, are realized in close collaboration together and both of us are fully aware of all RG issues. Hence, either of us can be contacted of any matters related to the RG.

We have started to work on several issues related to the RG. Firstly, the planning of the year 2019 (and 2020) has started, and we can already say that this year includes many activities. These include e.g., the next RG meeting and a capacity-building workshop, a short inquiry to find out the RG members’ current research fields, settings, and theories in use, and the annual SHE Academy. We also inform you that the 5th European conference on Health promoting schools will be held in Moscow in November 2019; more detailed information will be announced later on.

A new core group will be formed in the near future. It will be renamed as a steering group and will include 3-4 members (+ Marjorita and Kevin). We are in the process of checking and fine-tuning the tasks of the steering group and will inform you soon more about the formation. Furthermore, the SHE RG membership form requires some and the position paper a more throughout revision (based on workshop comments from Copenhagen & Moscow). This “paperwork” has already started.

We warmly thank Venka for her solid leadership and work that she has done for the SHE RG in past years. We also thank the core group for their engagement in the RG activities.

In closing this email, we would like to encourage you working together with us to create a flourishing and dynamic research network on school health promotion and education. Please share your ideas, thoughts or concerns in order to allow an open discussion about the development of our research group. We wish all of you a productive, pleasant, and a happy New Year with lots of energy in working towards healthier schools together!

Kind regards,

Marjorita and Kevin
(chair of the SHE research group)

SHE Research Group meeting for the EECA countries 14-15 November 2018

The first meeting for researchers from the Eastern European and Central Asian countries (EECA countries), to support Health Promoting School research in these countries and to strengthen the link with the SHE Research Group. The meeting was held in Moscow 14-15 November 2018. From the core group of the SHE Research Group, Marjorita Sormunen and Didier Jourdan were facilitators. The workshop was organized jointly by the SHE secretariat, the SHE branch office in Moscow and WHO EURO

SHE Research Group meeting for EU countries 7-8 November 2018

The SHE Research Group met 7-8 November 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the meeting the research group was informed of the SHE workplan and the status and future work of the SHE Research group was discussed. The newest fact sheet on equality and Health promoting schools was presented and a new core group and new chair and co-chair of the research group was elected.

See the summary of the Research group meeting 2018.