Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1: What is the connection is between SHE and the European Network of Health Promoting Schools? Or is this the same Organization?

SHE has changed name a couple of times and 'European Network of Health Promoting Schools' was our first name. You can see how it all started if you read page 4 (Birth of the concept) in this old publication. You can also read about the historical aspect on page 5 in the publication European Standards and Indicators for Health Promoting Schools from 2019. The name SHE is an abbreviation of 'Schools for Health in Europe Network Foundation' and the reason for having added 'foundation' is that we want to show that we have status as a non-profit NGO.


2: Can my school be a member of SHE?

SHE is built up in a way which does not make it possible to join as a school or an Education Centre – we have only countries and researchers as members. Each participating country has a national coordinator, appointed by the Ministry of Health and/or the Ministry of Education. These coordinators are representatives from - at the present time - 33 countries from Europe and Central Asia, and they have the main role in supporting health promoting schools in their countries through contact and dialogue with school authorities, schools and practitioners. Look at SHE's website to find out if there is a national coordinator in your country or region. SHE has considerations about opening a kind of membership for professionals or schools, though. If and when that is a reality, it will be announced in our newsletter and on our platforms on social medias.


3: What can I do if my country doesn't have a national coordinator?

You can check the list of membercountries to find out if your country officially has one or more coordinators. Many countries without national or regional coordinators are in a process at this very moment to become a member of SHE and we can tell you more about this if you contact the SHE secretariat. Perhaps you are in a position to help SHE in the search for a coordinator. You are always welcome to contact us with your questions.


4: When can I find SHE's new material to use in the classroom?

Each year, SHE provides a new module on school health promotion to be used in the classroom. The modules are made for teachers to use with classes in primary and secondary schools. We are working on the material for 2019 - it has health and health promotion in general as a theme - and it will be ready in November 2019 in English and in the beginning of 2020 in Portuguese & French.


5: Can SHE help promote my conference?

If the theme and content of the conference are in accordance with SHE's values and scope, we can promote the conference on our platforms. Contact the helpdesk about this.