The steering group coordinates and facilitates the work of the research group, in collaboration with SHE Secretariat and the SHE Board. The steering group consists of seven research group members, including the chair and the co-chair.

The tasks of the steering group are (1) to give input on issues related to school health promotion research and to other ongoing tasks of the SHE research group, (2) to provide insight and expertise on various fields related to school health promotion and health education, (3) to offer advice and support of the responsibilities and tasks of the chair and co-chair, and overall, (4) to provide strategic oversight and create a forum for critical reflection.
When referring the steering group outside of the RG, the name “Steering group of the SHE RG” will be used.

The members of the steering group on the SHE are:

Emily Darlington, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
Karina Leksy, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
Simon Murphy, Cardiff University, Wales / UK
Venka Simovska, Aarhus University, Denmark
Maria Teresa Vilaça, University of Minho, Portugal
Kevin Dadaczynski, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Marjorita Sormunen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland