The SHE Research Group meeting 2019 was held in Iceland on 19-20 June at the University of Iceland. It started with information about current issues within the Research Group and news from the SHE secretariat. Then a capacity building workshop for the researchers and the next morning a joint workshop with SHE Assembly participants. Below you find slides from the Research Group Meeting.

Minutes, Research Group meeting 2019

Information from SHE Reserach Group, by Marjorita Sormunen and Kevin Dadaczynski

News from the SHE Secretariat, by Anette Schulz and Ulla Pedersen

Read the revised Articles of Association.


Capacity buidling workshop on 19 June

Introduction to capacity building workshop, by Marjorita Sormunen

Schools and childcare centers as settings for promoting healthy lifestyles, by Helena Rafaela Rosario

The TEACHOUT project: Research in education outside the classroom, by Mads Bølling

Post-disaster context and adolescents’ perceived health, by Maria Scatigna


Joint workshop on 20 June, capacity building

SHE Mapping, by Julien Masson

SHE School Manual, by Julien Masson

Teacher material, by Leena Paakkari

Standards and indicators, by Electra Bada