Online meeting for SHE Research Group

28th -29th October 2020

The 2020 SHE Research Group Meeting was held on Wednesday, 28 October and Thursday 29 October 2020 as an online event. Below you can find documents from the meeting.


Minutes from research group meeting 2020

Video: SHE's activities 2020

News from the SHE secretariat

SHE research group: Current and future issues (Marjorita Sormunen & Kevin Dadaczynski)

Keynote presentation: Reflections on social awareness, wellbeing and structural vulnerability among children and youth in times of COVID-19 (by professor Carole Faucher, University of Edinburgh)

The effect of school time organization in the wellbeing of children and youth (by Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan)

COVID-19 and the social determination of health (by Luciana Collier)

The role of self-efficacy as a mediator between the perception of the difficulties of distance learning and perceived stress in teachers in Italy and the rest of Europe (by Lynda Stella Latke)

Capacity building workshop agenda

Minutes from the capacity building workshop

A short description of Finnish Schools on the Move

Schools on the Move overview video

Schools on the Move teacher comments

Active Classroom in Jyväskylä


11th June 2020

Aim of the meeting:

•    to provide an update for the RG members about the SHE RG ongoing and future activities (2020)
•    to provide a forum to meet (virtually) and exchange views and thoughts related to school health research, RG activities, and current situation (COVID-19)
•    to launch the RG working teams activity

Find the material from the meeting here:


Video: SHE's workplan 2020

News from SHE secretariat (Ulla Pedersen)

Health literacy (Orkan Okan & Leena Paakkari)

SHE RG Working teams (Marjorita Sormunen)

Working teams group discussion