Here teachers can find resources

This section of the website is new. The aim is to provide various resources for teachers, related to school health promotion and SHE. The information is relevant to those working in or interested in the field of health education and promotion in schools.

Module on School health promotion

Each year, SHE will provide a new module on school health promotion to be used in the classroom. The modules are made for teachers to use with classes in primary and secondary school. The first module was ready in October 2019 and has health and health promotion in general as theme.

Materials for teachers - Key concepts and activities: Learning about health and health promotion in schools (English version)

Materials for teachers (French version)

Materials for teacher (Portuguese version)

The aim of these first materials for teachers is to: introduce key pillars and concepts for health promoting schools describe health literacy and action competence as outcomes of school health education highlight the importance of student participation to promote core values of SHE and give examples for teaching activities that support learning of concepts and topics, but also opportunities for students to participate in developing the school environment in a more health promoting direction.

The materials is divided into three sections:

  • Key selected concepts
  • Participatory processes and learning outcomes
  • Examples of teaching activities.

HEPCOM – a set of tools for health promoting schools

HEPCOM stands for: Healthy Eating and Physical activity in local Communities.

The HEPCOM project defines tools as being methods, guidelines, conceptual frameworks and templates that can be applied to plan and structure health promoting activities towards children and young people. The working process is illustrated with a management cycle and by clicking on the different phases in the cycle, you will find tools that are related to each specific phase which can assist and inspire you to work in a more structured and informed way.

Tools can be divided into the following 5 phases of a working process:

  • Policy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Action planning
  • Implementation of interventions / health promoting activities • Evaluation of interventions / health promoting activities

The platform contains good practice examples to inspire you in using the tools.

National resources are also included in the HEPCOM platform. If you click on the national section, each flag will lead you to relevant material which has been developed by your national ministries, agencies or other institutions in your country.

Find the HEPCOM tools here.

HEPS Schoolkit

The HEPS Schoolkit helps you to develop a school policy on promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools to prevent and treat childhood obesity. It is based on the health promoting school approach and it consists of the following five components:

  • HEPS Guidelines: a set of principles on promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools, meant for organizations working on the national level in Europe.
  • HEPS Advocacy Guide: a tool assisting those advocating for the development of national school policy towards promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
  • HEPS Inventory Tool: a set of qualitative criteria for school programmes for the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.
  • HEPS Tool for Schools: a manual that will help schools in the member nations to introduce and implement a school programme promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
  • HEPS Training resource: a publication and its associated training that aim to facilitate an understanding of the health promoting school approach and how to move from this to developing a whole school policy on healthy eating and physical activity.

HEPS Schoolkit is translated into several languages. Not all components exist in every language.