Examples from practice

Do you want to know more about practice in health promoting schools in other countries? The following case studies present and discuss practice examples.

Camp for Slovenian Health Promoting Schools

Primary School Veržej is one of twelve primary and secondary schools, which established the network of Slovenian Health Promoting Schools in 1993. The founders of Slovenian health promoting schools meet every year to exchange good practice examples and ideas. The camp of 2019 was hosted by the Primary School Veržej. The camp was visited by representatives, coordinators and students of Slovenian Health Promoting Schools as well as founders, leaders of school teams, regional and national coordinators of the network and was very successful.

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Innovative practice book - Equity, Education and Health: learning from practice, 2014

This innovative practice book includes case studies of practice presented during the 4th European Conference on Health Promoting Schools.

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Case study book 3rd European Conference on HPS, 2009

The third European Conference on Health Promoting Schools; ‘Better Schools Through Health', was held in Vilnius, Lithuania in June 2009. Presented at the conference were a range of case studies of practice or ‘stories' of school-based health promotion work.

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From chaos to learning - a Danish case study, 2013

This is a success story about an ordinary Danish public primary and lower secondary school with huge social and learning problems. Taking a number of health parameters as its point of departure an initiative, in which cross-disciplinary collaboration was combined with a systemic approach in order to achieve the dual goals of well-being in school and learning, resulted in a completely new school structure.

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A Slovenian case study: our school – hand in hand with local community

In cooperation with local, regional and national institutions, we planned topics and evaluated the results of common work. Bearing in mind the amount of time pupils spend in school, it is important to plan and direct the choice of activities which help develop pupils ́ basic values about food, sporting activities and relationship towards people and nature. In the process this project has become part of the school curriculum based on twelve goals formed by the previous European Network of Health Promoting Schools.

Case study focusing on school/student's mental health and skill building

Parental involvement - a Slovenian case study, 2012

Good cooperation between home and school is an important indicator of educational work. Qualitative partnership is based on trust, respect and mutual help. Good cooperation between parents and school is a contribution of today's democratic, student-friendly school, which enables a dialog of cooperation. Therefore, school and home in a partnership are equally responsible for a child's development and progress. In this article cooperation with parents in a Slovenian class is presented.

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