Lithuanian students as detectives

Our school Miroslavas Gymnasium from Alytaus district in Lithuania has during the corona pandemic been trying to make sure that every single children in our school and area is moving physically, doing bunch of exercises and just being physically active. We are making sure that for children physical education could become a great habit.  But we try to invite not just students, but also their parents and families to join. We strive to make the activities challenging and innovative, and we often encourage participation in activities that are not normally associated with physical activity but which still require a lot of movement.

This April, we launched a game called "Detective search". It was created by the "Youth Can"-program and in our school, physical education class teacher and "Youth Can"-program coach Ingrida Rauličkienė and physical education teacher Aušra Asakavičienė were organisers. In this game, you search for a big treasure!

All you have to do is to go outside, work and think with your family, get the hints and go to the right spot. You collect numbers and when all the numbers are collected, you connect them to find the treasure.

In Miroslavas Gymnasium, we take pride in the fact that the students do not just sit inside at home during this pandemic: we tell them to keep on moving and making sure that they are staying healthy and physically active. We motivate every student and together we create active movements to learn about physical literacy.

(Written by Ingrida Rauličkienė, Miroslavas Gymnasium, Lithuania)


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