The SHE Research Group concists of resource persons from research institutions with expertise, capacities and interest in further developing, exploring and testing relevant issues and approaches concerning school health promotion within the European context.

The main objective of the SHE Research Group is to support the development of school health promotion in Europe. 

The aims of the SHE Research Group are:

Facilitating and coordinating research and contribute to conceptual development as well as research-based evidence for the schools for health approach across Europe;

Research capacity building, stimulating research, and consultancy for the SHE members, in collaboration with the SHE board.

Read the SHE Position paper:

Position Paper (English)  - This is the new version

Position Paper (Russian)

For more information about the SHE Research Group, please contact:

Marjorita Sormunen 
Chair of SHE's research group
University of Eastern Finland
Read about Marjorita here

Kevin Dadaczynski
Co-chair of SHE's research group
University of Fulda, Germany
Read about Kevin here

Jesper von Seelen
The SHE secretariat's representative in SHE's research group
University College South Denmark