SHE Assembly

The group of SHE national coordinators is called the SHE Assembly. This group is the steering and decision-making body of SHE and meets once a year at the Assembly meeting. If a country has no national coordinator, an appointed regional coordinators can represent the country instead. WHO EURO, SHE regional coordinators and the SHE Research Group have an observer status in the SHE Assembly.
According to the Articles of Association the SHE Assembly approves the nomination and election of the SHE board members for the following year.

SHE Assembly Meeting 2020

The next Assembly Meeting will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on 11-12 June 2020. All coordinators will recieve information about the meeting and how to apply in February 2020.

SHE Assembly Meeting 2019

The SHE assembly meeting 2019 was held in Reykjavík in Iceland on 20-21 June 2019. These are the documents from the meeting:

Minutes, Assembly Meeting 2019

Capacity building workshop, by Marjorita Sormunen

Presentation by Anette Schulz & Ulla Pedersen

SHE Research Group, by Marjorita Sormunen & Kevin Dadaczynski

Presentation by Marilena Di Stasi, CHAFEA

HBSC, by Simon Murphy & Jo Inchley

Presentation from HBSC meeting, by Elena Kosevska

WHO, by Martin Weber

Read the revised Articles of Association


Joint workshop on 20 June, capacity building

SHE Mapping, by Julien Masson

SHE School Manual, by Julien Masson

Teacher material, by Leena Paakkari

SHE Standards and indicators, by Electra Bada


National coordinators presentations

Tools and materials for school health promotion

Sanda Terela, Latvia

Mojca Bevc, Slovenia

Svetlana Sokolova, Russia

Veronica Velasco, Italy – Lombardia

Alice Haav, Estonia

Suzanne Hargreaves, Scotland

Electra Bada, Greece

Good practices and themes

Päivi Nykyri, Finland

Marije van Koperen, The Netherlands

Nina Viig, Norway

Gemma Cox, UK Wales

Anina Chileva, Bulgaria

Implementation and evaluation of school health promotion

Børge Koch, Denmark

Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland

Elena Kosevska, North Macedonia

Tineke Vansteenkiste, Belgium

Irit Livne, Israel

José Carlos Sousa, Portugal

Zarina Keruyenova, Kazakhstan

Annamaria Somhegyi, Hungary


SHE Assembly Meeting 2018

The SHE assembly meeting 2018 was held in Copenhagen in Denmark on 5-6 November.

Minutes from SHE Assembly Meeting 2018.