SHE online meeting for coordinators

11th June 2020

Aim of the meeting

The meeting did not replace the SHE Assembly meeting but was a supplement that was intended to both maintain the association with the SHE and promote cooperation between the coordinators. The aim of the meeting was for SHE's national / regional coordinators to meet and exchange experiences and ideas with particular focus on the COVID situation and the use of the various SHE tools.

Find the material from the meeting here


Video: SHE's workplan 2020

Welcome from the SHE secretariat (Ulla Pedersen)

Children's wellbeing when schools are locked down (Venka Simovska)

Activity break (Tineke Vansteenkiste)

SHE newsletters/social media & Status of SHE tools (Ulla Pedersen)

SHE School Manual 2.0 - cultural and national adaption (Børge Koch)

Video: Feedbak and revision of the European Standards and Indicators for Health Promoting Schools  (Emily Darlington)

Minutes from the meeting