How to be a health promoting school

To help schools in their process of being health promoting schools, SHE has developed a manual called the SHE online school manual. The manual is available in English and twelve other languages.

This SHE online school manual will:

  • Provide you with an introduction to health promoting schools;
  • Pupport you in becoming a health promoting school, or;
  • Support you in improving an existing health promoting school.

The manual is for school management and teachers who are involved in the development of school health programmes and policy in the primary and secondary school setting. 

The information may also be helpful to those involved in national health promoting school policy development and for use in other academic settings.

Why should you become a health promoting school?

Promoting health in your school can support you in reaching your school’s educational, social and staffing objectives. The advantages of a health promoting schools are:

  • Better learning achievements
  • Better health of students
  • Better care for students
  • Better school atmosphere
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Acting more efficiently
  • Better school image

Online questionnaire - SHE rapid assessment tool

All SHE rapid assessment tool are shown as pdf-files. However, the questionnaire can be found in an oneline English version in which you can get a separat result sheet after having answered the questions. Find it here: Online version of SHE rapid assessment tool.


The manuals are available in thirteen languages:

Next to the SHE online school manual are two extra manuals that support you in becoming a health promoting school: SHE rapid assessment tool and Action planner. Below you can see which manuals are translated into your language.