SHE SCHOOL MANUAL 2.0 - A Methodological Guidebook to become a health promoting school

In December 2019, SHE reliesed a new verion of the old "SHE online school manual". The old manual needed an update as today it is recommended to move from a focus on schools only to the integration of schools and their surrounding community services, sports clubs, hospitals, workplace etc. Actions at the school level should always be linked with actions in the local community. One of the strategies to do so is to use co-creation processes and SHE School Manual 2.0 describes how to do so.

The aim of this manual is to encourage national/ regional SHE coordinators, school principals, school management, teachers, other school staff, pupils and community partners to be involved in the development of health promoting schools. The open and flexible methods presented in this manual on how to become a health promoting school are designed to be tested and modified depending on the historical and sociocultural specificities of each context and environment.

So far, SHE School Manual 2.0 exists in five languages besides English, but more translations are on their way in 2020 and forward.

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Danish)

SHE School Manual 2.0 (English)

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Finnish) and a Finnish Annex

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Greek) and a Greek Annex

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Polish) and a Polish Annex

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Portuguese) and a Portuguese Annex - and the Portuguese Annex in English

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Russian)

SHE School Manual 2.0 (Spanish)

The old SHE online school manual is still available. Have a look futher down on this page.

Online questionnaire - SHE rapid assessment tool

Appendix 3, SHE rapid assessment tool, are shown as pdf-files. However, the questionnaire can be found in an online English version in which you can get a separate result sheet after having answered the questions.


The old edition is still available

SHE is working to get SHE School Manual 2.0 translated into a variety of languages other than English. For now, you will be able to find the translations of the old edition here. But be aware that it is outdated in several areas. Below you can see which manuals are translated into your language.