The Moscow Statement: Health, Wellbeing and Education: Building a sustainable future

The 5th European Conference on Health Promoting Schools was held on 20–22 November 2019 in Moscow, Russian Federation, with over 450 participants from 40 countries.

A range of topics was addressed through more than 160 contributions and nine keynote presentations focusing on conceptual aspects of the Health Promoting School approach, implementation and dissemination, and current social change processes, such as digitization and heterogeneity. As a result of the research and case studies presented and discussions among conference participants, the following recommendations for action have been developed. They are addressed to all actors in governmental, nongovernmental and other organizations at international, national and regional levels, engaging with schools and/or school health promotion.

The Moscow statement (English version)

The Moscow statement (Polish version)

The Moscow statement (Russian version)

WHO: Moscow conference report (Russian)