SHE factsheets

Each year, SHE publishes a new factsheet on topics, related to the health promoting school. Untill now, we have made 7 factsheets. The factsheets are available in several languages.

SHE has also published short animated videos that highlight important facts. A new video on mental health will be available in the autumn 2021.

Factsheet #7

Mental health promotion in schools

Factsheet #7 in English

Factsheet #7 in Greek

Factsheet #6

Health literacy in schools - State of the art

Factsheet #6 in English

Factsheet #6 in Danish

Factsheet #6 in German

Factsheet #6 in Italian - as a supplement to the data, see a Lombardian survey

Factsheet #6 in Portuguese

Factsheet #6 in Greek

Factsheet #6 in French

Factsheet #6 in Spanish

Factsheet #6 in Lithuanian

Factsheet #5

Health promoting schools in Europe - State of the art

Factsheet #5 in English

Factsheet #5 in Danish

Factsheet #5 in Dutch

Factsheet #5 in Russian

Factsheet #4

School health promotion – Evidence for effective action on inequalities

Factsheet #4 in English

Factsheet #4 in Italian

Factsheet #3

Effective networks and partnerships for health promotion in schools

This SHE factsheet provides information on what networks and partnerships in school health promotion are and why they are important. It also explores factors that promote and inhibit networks and partnerships includings case studies of sustainable networking and partnerships in school health.

Factsheet 3 in English

Factsheet 3 in Italian

Factsheet #2

School health promotion: evidence for effective action

This SHE factsheet is an updated overview of the evidence of health promotion in schools, including more than 90 scientific references. It is based on a report with comprehensive scientific references entitled, ‘School health promotion: an overview of the evidence for effective action’.

Factsheet #2 in English

Background document – factsheet #2 in English

Factsheet #2 in Russian

Factsheet #2 in Slovenian

Factsheet #2 in Italian

Factsheet #1 

State of the art: health promoting schools in Europe

This SHE factsheet provides a brief description of the current state of health promoting schools (HPS) in the European region. It is based on data collected on the 43 SHE member countries in the European region. The results presented in the factsheet serve as a benchmark for future HPS development and implementation in the European region. 

Factsheet #1 in English

Factsheet #1 in Russian

Factsheet #1 in Slovenian 

Factsheet #1 in Italian