The Frog Nina and the World of Emotions

Emotional well-being is more important than ever, due to the pandemic, and to reach the children who are staying at home and to promote their wellbeing, “Nina the Frog” is a valued friend. She lives in a multi-series cartoon and helps children to learn how to recognise and express emotions.

Nina talks about emotions and invites children to act out various emotions. Furthermore, she asks the children to reflect and perform a task. Children draw and write down situations in which they feel particular emotions – and with a huge actively and enthusiastic participation, Nina receives a great number of drawings. Nina is created by the kindergarten psychologist Ingrida Katkutė in the Lithuaninan Mažeikiai Nursery – Kindergarten „Žilvitis“.

If you want more information, you can reach Nina and Ingrida Katkutė on

The frog Nina presents the world of emotions

The frog Nina presents the emotion of anger

The frog Nina thanks children for their active participation in the task.

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