How to be a supportive teacher and increase children's well-being

Pedagogy is concerned with the child’s self and development. Fact and value as well as method and philosophy are important for knowing how to act pedagogically. Pedagogy is a vocation for teachers and animates and inspires us. Being inside our teaching is giving well-being, is building a holistic view of caring for our pupils and students.

That is possible owing to our Tact-of-Teaching, a wonderful and extraordinary con-Tact which is the real portrait of pedagogical and andragogical sensitivity, the core of that felt-education, because it is lived fully and deeply. Tact is mediated through speech, silence, eyes, atmosphere, intuitiveness, thoughtfulness and empathic understanding.

Read more about what is needed to build pupils’ and students’ Well-Being.

(Written by Luiseall Magnani from Italy, member of SHE's research group)
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