Slovenian students and teachers were challenged to be healthier

On the World Health Day,  which was on April 7, 2021, the Slovenian elementary school Toneta Okrogarja from Zagorje ob Savi decided to carry out the project "Accept the challenge to be healthier". Students from 1st to 5th grade and their teachers participated. The main goal of the project was to do something healthy, but of course the goals were also to successfully complete the challenge and have fun doing it.

What happened during the project?

Each class received a challenge from anooher other class. The students were very motivated and therefore also very successful. They achieved and exceeded the set goal, while having immense fun.

The theme of the teachers' challenge was cooking. They had to cook something healthy and simple, something that the students could also prepare. The recipies were published in what is called »first cookbook« and students evaluated all cooking recipies and nominated the best one.

Elementary School Toneta Okrogarja will strive to make this project a tradition and run every year on World Health Day.

What can be recommended?

The conclusion is that both students and teachers are winners. And we encourage you to be winners, too! Get inspiration from the video below.

By primary teacher Irena Andric

See the video

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