The Moscow statement on Health-promoting schools highlighted the importance of the add-in approach. The add-in approach to health promotion describes integrating health activities into a teacher’s curriculum obligations without taking time away from these obligations. This add-in approach differs from add-on health promotion whereby a particular activity is initiated over and above the day-to-day teaching activities of a teacher. The add-in approach provides a win-win approach to health and education and results in the mobilization of additional resources and greater sustainability.

SHE Factsheet no. 5 described the add-on and add-in approach as one of the seven key spectra describing best practices for Health-promoting schools.  This add-in approach should always be considered when schools start up a new health promotion initiative. For examples of practical descriptions in the school setting of the Add-In and Add-On approach to health promotion see Bentsen et al. (2018)1.

Despite the add-in approach being easy to understand and sustainable it can be complicated in practice and requires visual and verbal support from school management. 

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1. Bentsen, P.,  Bonde, A.H., Schneller, M.B., Danielsen, D., Bruselius-Jensen, M and Aagaard-Hansen J. (2020) Danish ‘add-in’ school-based health promotion: integrating health in curriculum time, Health Promotion International, Volume 35, Issue 1, Pages e70–e77,


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