Health services are one of the six key components of the whole school approach to a health-promoting school. Health services are local and regional school services that are responsible for the care and promotion of health of all students by providing direct services. Health service officers can also work with teachers on specific issues, e.g., hygiene and sexual education. School health services should be available to all students throughout a school day.

The following questions can give an indication as to whether your school is adequately linked to school health services

  • Is there a school nurse/ health professional for all pupils at the school including children with special needs?
  • Is there a school psychologist or counselling services available for pupils, teachers, parents/guardians?
  • Are primary health care services available to students and staff during the school day?
  • Do the health professionals working with children have adequate professional skills?
  • How does the school promote these health services to students and parents/guardians?
  • Are the health services staff known to children and teachers at the school?
  • Do school health service providers collaborate with the school in terms of children’s health and psychosocial needs?
  • Is there an opportunity for children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems to communicate with school health services?

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