Health and education in times of COVID-19: the COVID-HL school principal survey

The COVID-19 pandemic is associated with far-reaching changes in society and requires individuals and systems to adapt to meet the demands associated with this unprecedented public health emergency.

The COVID-HL network is conducting a school principal study in partnership with the SHE network and other international partners. It aims to explore the working conditions, health literacy and health of school principals as well as the implementation of health promoting activities in times of COVID-19. In addition to European countries, the study is also being conducted in various countries outside Europe. Based on the study results needs for support and intervention in school health promotion are identified.

What is the COVID-HL Network?

HL stands for 'health literacy'. The COVID-HL Network has more than one hundred researchers from more than 50 different countries across all regions of the world. The main interest of the network is research on health literacy. The members of the network includes several of the researchers from SHE's research group. They believe that today health literacy is more important than ever not only because of digitalization and digital transformation of society but also because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted and permanently changed online health information environments, the way we communicate health, and our need for digital health services, digital health promotion, and digital education.

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