The Education in the Real and Digital World

In the school year 2019/2020 the Slovenian Network of Health Promoting Schools has chosen to underline a complex theme 'The education in the real and digital world' with an intention to raise awareness among teachers, parents and other adults professionally working with young people, to guide children and adolescents in the process of developing their social competences while warning them about potential traps regarding digital issues.

More than 360 pedagogues and health professionals attended an event organised on November 18th in Ljubljana. They listened with interest to the presentations of excellent lecturers with the following themes:  Brain Development and Use of Digital Technologies (doc. dr. Tina Bregant), »Online» and »Offline« Problems for Children and Adolescents – A Way to Adjust or Call for Help? (Doc. Dr. Helena Jeriček Klanšček), Challanges of Network Generation (Dr. Špela Selak), Digitalisation, Digital Marketing  – How to Adjust? (Prim. Doc. Dr. Mojca Gabrijelčič Blenkuš), Web Addiction - A Contemporary Challenge for Teachers, Counsellors and Other Professionals (Špela Reš) and Active Communication Techniques for Guidance and Calming Down Pupils / Students  in a Classroom (Dr. Andrej Kovačič). Each of the lecturing experts highlighted a theme from the unique point of view; their key messages are summed up in reports, available on the following links: na naslednji povezavi

As the interest in the event was very high, on January 13th we carried out the Education in the Real and Digital World one more time with exactly the same program. This time 90 pedagogues and health professionals attended to the meeting.
An invitation with the agenda is available on the following link:  na naslednji povezavi.

As part of the leading theme on November 25th 2019 we performed an all-Slovenian action titled One day at School and at Home Without a Phone! We wanted to invite a general public (both adults and youths) to turn off mobile phones for at least a couple of hours and to communicate to face to face and socialise in activities such as sports, walks or to spend that time on hobbies or something they like to do. Since the media and schools have welcomed the initiative, we decided even to upgrade it in 2020 – The Slovenian Network of Health Promoting Schools will carry it out as a part of activities referred to leading theme Education in the Real and Digital World. Details about the past action are available on the following link: na naslednji povezavi.

Of course, we can abstain from digital media at school and at home at any time – it is not necessary to wait for a certain date. It can be accomplished on a certain day in a week or at least for a few hours spent without a phone. Most important is to be aware of our “attachment" and to "disconnect" from time to time, to strike a better balance between our real and digital world.

The article is written by
Mojca Bevc and Nina Scagnetti, Slovenian Health Promoting Network

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