How to be better citizens through sport activities

The project "Sports for Development - Sports for All" has the aim to teach children and youngsters different sports skills, encourage them to have physical activity, but also to teach them social skills for proper behavior in the environment.

This takes place in primary schools in the Municipality of Karpos in the city Skopje which is situated in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Through games, young people gain the habit of teamwork, develop a competitive spirit, but also the need for solidarity to overcome a certain obstacle. Through physical activity, students also realized that physical strength is not the key to being more successful than the other, but also requires a strategic approach, logical thinking, responsibility and networking with other stakeholders. Students were divided into teams, worked with an instructor, where they mastered several activities with different props.

The project is implemented by the association "TACT" in cooperation with the Municipality of Karpos. The local self-government, in cooperation with the civil society organizations, continues to work on the development of the young people and their greater involvement in the community.

(This news is by Sanja Prosheva, North Macedonia, member of SHE's research group)


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