New Factsheet on Health Literacy in Schools

Today SHE has published a new factsheet on health literacy with a specific focus on schools, pupils, and educational staff, and the aim is to provide an overview of current evidence. The factsheet intends to inform professionals and organisations working in and with schools  on how health literacy can be addressed as part of the Health Promoting School framework at an individual and organisational level. The factsheet is written by SHE Research Group members: Orkan Okan, Leena Paakkari, and Kevin Dadaczynski, and has been carried out based on a rapid narrative review.

Addressing children’s and adolescents’ health literacy is fundamental for sustainable development, societal growth, and health development over the life course. Health literacy is a determinant of health, a significant driver in sustaining health equity, and a key empowerment strategy.

Read the factsheet.

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