Health promoting schools in the Italian Piedmont Region in the times of corona

DoRS (the Documentation Center for Health Promotion of Piedmont Region) in Italy dedicates a page on its website to the new coronavirus, inserting a provision of updated links that permits accessing articles and reviews of scientific literature; as well as informative articles and links to websites of the most authoritative national and international bodies on the subject. The date of the latest updates is immediately evident from the homepage and the latest reports are proposed at the top of the page. All the reported materials are freely accessible.

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Schools promotes health… even when they are closed

A Health Promoting School in the time of Covid 19 can focus on developing the individual skills of pupils - mediated by teachers or through the proposal of students, for example choosing active breaks between video lessons at home. DoRS (the Documentation Center for Health Promotion of Piedmont Region) and the Office IV - Regional Physical and Sports Education Conference USR Piedmont - offer the “Physical activity and active breaks” padlet. It’s a virtual space that is a service to find available validated and updated resources.
See the padlet (in Italian)
See the website article (in Italian)

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