Relaxation activities at school

In today's digital world, we are constantly surrounded by many disturbing factors that can affect our concentration, our leisure, our learning, our success, our body's function, our health and well-being. Relaxation and movement activities, relaxation techniques, can have a positive impact on this process and the learning process of children during the school period.

Teachers and students in the Slovenian school Osnovna šola Kuzma have tested and implemented different relaxation techniques in foreign language lessons. Through observational and research activities during the lessons, we enabled healthy physical activity in the school environment. We enabled pupils to learn how to use different techniques in school and in everyday situations. The students were adjusting the activities accordingly to their age and developmental level and were learning environment and spatial abilities. More attention was paid to the diversity of techniques and applicability in school situations.

And the results? The students actively experienced the positive effects of relaxation, which contributed to a better concentration, well-being and motivation for their lessons.

Written by Brigita Barbarič,
teacher at Osnovna šola Kuzma,
May 2021

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