Piloting a Virtual implementation of “FAST Heroes 112”

FAST HEROES has as a mission to educate the world about the symptoms and effects of Brain Attacks (strokes). The organization believes that everyone, young and old, should know how the best way to react when being near a person who suffer a stroke. Therefore, a website has been designed to educate and entertain while teaching families what the symptoms of stroke by linking them to the EU Emergency number 112 and how to act if they ever come across them.

The “FAST Heroes 112” is a holistic school-based educational program which delivers knowledge to children and their extended family to identify the signs of stroke as well as provides guidance on how to respond correctly by calling the emergency number in the event of a stroke. Due to the current public health situation (COVID-19) and uncertainty regarding future global pandemics, the team at the University of Macedonia, Department of Educational and Social Policy in partnership with 'the Angels Initiative BI' is preparing to implement a pilot virtual on-line educational training program in the Greek language.   Some limitations include ethical areas of concern, confidentiality, and consent. To address these the piloting remains to be distributed to families who volunteer and who will have given written consent and by joining the website they will be involving a family member, kindergartener, in the program. 

 As PowerPoint and video instruction have always been an integral part of training, the transition to an asynchronized on-line training is straightforward. The online version of the program uses 5 videos, each lasting no more than 15 minutes. The videos will be sent to the families every 3 days and each video is related to one of the 4 FAST Superheroes. The lesson plan involves a series of various interactive image and sound combinations, such as digital storytelling, questions, colouring, family games, missions, etc. Once the program is completed, various classroom activities will be collected by the instructors from the “Super Grand League” team for mailing to the individual child’s reported favourite Grand heroes. We are considering an open-ended text field for comments and suggestions for feedback and follow-up.

Read about FAST HEROES 112.

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