A Handbook for Research - call for contributions

A new handbook for research on health promotion is on it's way. It will give a state of the art and a manual for health promotion research, to map and organize the research practice of those involved in producing and sharing the knowledge base for health promotion practices. The handbook will present original contributions from researchers in the field. It will explore the major theoretical, methodological, empirical and political challenges and pressing social questions facing health promotion research.

The goal is to bring together experts from different research traditions that coexists in the field of health promotion. This handbook will cover the existing knowledge production and sharing practices with the aim of defining the discipline and its agenda for future research. Our ultimate goal is to create a global community of health promotion researchers involved in knowledge production and sharing. The Handbook will be based on the collective experience of health promotion researchers from around the world; on how they create and share health promotion knowledge. An open call is sent out to all individuals and groups interested in advancing health promotion research by reflecting and sharing their research practices on any of the four types of health promotion practices.

The Handbook of Health Promotion Research will be published under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair and WHO Collaborating Centre “Global Health & Education” and the Canada Research Chair on Community Approaches and Health Inequalities, in partnership with the International Union for Health Promotion and Education. See the call.

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