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Increase school interventions to boost healthy eating and physical activity

The European HEPCOM project aims to support health promotion and prevention of overweight and obesity among children and young people. HEPCOM intends to increase the quantity and improve the quality of local community and school interventions to boost healthy eating and physical activity. To achieve this, HEPCOM promotes the dissemination and use of high-quality tools which are made available, through the HEPCOM web-based platform, to policy makers and professional practitioners who are looking for inspiration.

The tools selected, assessed and presented in the HEPCOM platform are organised according to the specific stage of the management cycle of the strategy in which they are (or will be) deployed, including: Policy/Vision, Strategy, Action planning, Implementation, Evaluation. Have a look at the video below to see how to use the HEPCOM tools. And find the description of all the tools here at SHE's website, following this link to teachers resources.

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