Afternoon sport activity at school

At our school, OŠ Miška Kranjca in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we are aware that exercise is essential for our health and we know that sport contributes to good physical and mental condition for each individual. We invited all children of our school and their family members to join us at Miško’s afternoon gym as a response of new pandemic wave of corona virus that closed the doors of the gym one more time. This new wave was also the reason why it wasn’t possible to do organized sport activity in the gym.

Miško’s afternoon gym was organized once a week and it was suitable for all age groups, for the beginners and those who are more physically fit because we always adapted each exercise to our physical ability. The exercise took place in the afternoon. It was on live, via the Teams application and it took 30 minutes. At first, we started with aerobic warm-up, which was followed by an interval part of exercises to work on endurance and strength. We also choose the equipment tool together that everybody had at home and which helps us to take on new challenges.

In the end, after stretching the strained muscle groups, we all felt very good because we know we had done something great for ourselves and our health. So, we combined pleasant with useful, and made our step even easier to achieve new daily goals.

(Written by Lea Smrtnik, professor of physical education, Slovenia)

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