Letter to all schools in the time of COVID-19

To teaching staff, headmasters, health services and all friends of schools,

The coronavirus is dominating our everyday life these days. The situation has huge consequences on health, families, economics and society structure, and our countries confront the current situation from own cultural perspectives and different policies - not only individually but also with much in common. Each day brings news; some countries are reopening their functions slowly while some continue having strict restrictions. This goes for schools as well.

Schools for Health in Europe Network Foundation (SHE) is supporting schools to deal with the situation through inspiration, advice and collaboration between countries. You can find concrete tools for health education on our website www.schoolsforhealth.org.

Schools are important in fighting the situation during the pandemic and in helping children, parents and teaching staff to cope in a changed world. Health promoting schools commit to focus on physical, mental, social and environmental health and to ensure learning and well-being, even when schools are closed. Fortunately, there are many good examples of how teachers and communities can ensure this! SHE encourages you to write your story to uped@ucsyd.dk to let SHE share it with the world. Do follow SHE’s Facebook profile www.facebook.com/SchoolsHealthEurope and encourage your colleagues and friends to sign up as followers. That way we can inspire with good practice and spread the message of promoting health in these difficult times.

SHE researchers have acted during this period through an increased focus on COVID-19 and on results to help solve the situation and prepare for the future. Not only thinking schools as physical places but everything beyond that: social relationships, safe environment, support, collaboration, etc. We will inform you of the results through our website and social media.

Stay safe, strong and determined! There is more need for the health promotion school than ever before, and SHE thanks you very much for everything you and your school do to overcome these difficult times for the good of children and the community.

On the behalf of SHE secretariat and SHE board,
Ulla Pedersen, Nina Grieg Viig and Marjorita Sormunen

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